Yoga has gained popularity with time and has proven to be one of the best ways to attain physical and mental fitness. Yoga is a study of various postures and poses that help maintaining your body. There are different modes of yoga and it’s completely your will, which mode you want to practice.

You might have seen that attendance at yoga studios is increasing day by day. There is a reason behind people choosing yoga over gym. Yoga covers all sectors of fitness, be it you want to burn fat or you are mentally disturbed, yoga is a solution for everything related to fitness.

If you are planning to burn extra fat from your body, we will suggest you to go for yoga over gym. We have an exercise routine, planned by yoga expert that can help you burn fat faster.

 Revolved Chair Pose

The first exercise on the plan is revolved chair pose. It is a difficult posture for new comers, but don’t worry you can watch tutorials available on the internet. It is an effective exercise that requires no equipments and concentrates on your shoulder, chest and butt. According to the plan do one set of the exercise and give 30 to 45 seconds per rep. the body parts involved should feel stressed while making the pose. After completing the set, you can rest for 45 seconds.

Locust Pose

The next pose after taking rest is locust pose. It is an easy exercise and doesn’t require any equipment to practice. It focuses on flexibility, mobility, breathing and strength and involves many parts of the body like core, legs, shoulders, chest, butt, arms and back. According to the plan do three sets of the exercise while resting for 45 seconds between each rep. the pose stretches your body, which is good when you are working out to burn fats. Take rest for 45 seconds after completing all the sets and before heading onto the next exercise.

Bow Pose

Experts rate bow pose 4 on the difficulty level. It is the next exercise you have to follow after Locust Pose. The exercise focuses on your flexibility, mobility, breathing and strength and involves core, legs, shoulders, chest, arms and back. The exercise doesn’t require any equipment but you might need assistance to get the perfect posture. 2 sets of bow pose are listed in the plan. You can take 30 to 45 seconds of rest between each rep. it is an impactful exercise and should be conducted properly to avail the best results. After completing the sets, rest for 45 seconds before proceeding to the next exercise.

Eagle Pose

Eagle pose is definitely a difficult exercise but is a great exercise to burn fat from your body. It needs your strength, power, mobility and balance. Like other poses, this pose also doesn’t require any equipment and its main emphasis is on your pelvis, shoulders, legs and joints. As it is difficult, you only have to do one set and keep the posture for 45 to 60 seconds. Try to achieve the target for measureable results. You can rest for 45 seconds after achieving the target. The pose is difficult to maintain so you might need a volunteer to help you maintain the posture till you reach the target.

High Lunge Pose

Lunges are considered as basic exercises and so it won’t be very difficult for you to practice the pose. Although it is an easy pose but impacts your strength, power, muscle and endurance. It is great for your legs and chest. A single set of pose is enough and maintain each rep for around 45 to 60 seconds for effective results.

Plow Pose

Plow pose is a difficult pose. You have to be very careful while going for the posture as it involves your legs, shoulders, neck and back. The main stress of the pose is on your back, so you should not force yourself to be in the posture for very long. It focuses on your mobility, flexibility and balance. As it is difficult only one set is fine.

Shoulder Stand Pose

It is another difficult pose, which focuses on mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. The body parts involved in this pose are your core, legs, shoulders, neck, arms and back. One set of the pose is enough and give 60 to 180 seconds to each rep.

These are yoga exercises or poses that are great for burning fat from your body. All the exercises are equipment less and can be practiced with or without expert’s guidance.



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