Every bride has a dream to look best on the most important day of their life. As you know people today love to follow trends, and try new designs to outstand others on important occasions. Every season you expect new trends that are very surprising. Fashion shows are organized where popular brands present their latest designs.

On the fall 2021 runways, some of the most alluring gowns belied truly unprecedented styles.  The gowns were fresh alternatives to the classic styles you might have pinned up to fetch for your wedding. Precisely tailored with noticeably nontraditional color palette, the gowns are the perfect choice to wear at your wedding. Check out the amazing wedding dress styles for fall 2021 brides that we have identified to make your important day more special.

Mock Necks

Looking for an elegant but attractive wedding dress? You must check out the mock necks style presented by designers in 2021 bridal fashion show. The mesmerizing mock necks design was one of the most prevalent silhouettes of the season.  There are variants available as every designer that presented mock necks design has tried to play with the design accordingly. Cushnie the American fashion brand favored clean, structured material to appeal the high rise neckline on the gown, whereas Vera Wang and Laura de Sagazan added lace and chiffon to the dress for neck-accentuating looks. If you really want those special vibes, get your hands on the mock neck design, which is also the best alternative for plunging wedding dress.

Pastel, but not Pink

Last year white was the color chosen by the designers, but this year most designers have beautifully played with the colors to bring out something unique. You might be thinking that there will be a vast variety of dark colors as the fashion show was for fall season? Well, you are completely wrong. White, off-white and silver were completely benched this season in favor of pastel. Yes, pastel it was, but we are not talking about blush or minimal pink shades. Designers like Vera Wang used powder blue shade in a single standout gown, where as Reema Acra’s ramp walk had lavender and pale green dresses. These colors have never been thought of for bridal wear or for fall season and we find it unique that is why we loved them.

The Return of the Bustle

Bustles have been a bridal staple for ages. This season, designers used bustle and tried mix and match to provide brides with some jaw dropping designs. Designers like Lela Rose revived bustle using various fabric combinations like satin and lace. The dress is a perfect combo of both the worlds. Reinventing the old designs was just amazing to watch. The design is elegant and is perfect enough to give you princess vibes on your wedding day.

Snow Globe Glitter

Glitter, glow and shine on your wedding day with the snow globe glitter design. Last year Chanel designed glitter boots that took over fashion week, but this year designers used the idea to create a head to toe glitter outfit. They might be thinking of the boots while designing the dress and you will be amazed to know that the dress has no lace, no tulle, and no embroidery.  Only thing they had was glitter and if you are one of the followers of bridal fashion week, this was something completely unique. These gowns were made to sparkle. It is a great bridal wear option and you must check it out for impressive and attractive looks.

Waterfall Skirts

Most brides have a dream for an epic entrance. Everyone should look at you while you are entering the hall and keep staring your lovely wedding dress. If you are one of those brides, waterfall skirts will be the best option for you. Straightforward ball gowns have and will always own a place in bridal wear. The biggest skirts on the 2021 fall bridal fashion show had an extra hint of volume, all thanks to the asymmetric tiers of tulle and satin that gave the rippling effect of a waterfall.  From Theia to Hayley Paige, these designers had the dresses that are very alluring and have the tendency to give you those perfect looks.

These are the designs we identified from fall 2021 bridal fashion show. You only get married once and it is not a crime to make the most special day wonderful. Trend followers would love to have one of these designs in their wardrobe.              


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