Your fitness depends upon your habits. Your daily routine plays an important role for a healthy life, at what time you wake up, how much you walk, your gym routine and most importantly the food you eat. All the things stated above are important factors that directly affect your health. Going to the gym and doing intense exercise won’t help you if your diet is not in control.  

Your daily intake helps the most in keeping you fit. Most people try to limit the amount of calorie and sugar consumption to obtain a toned body. Meal plans change from meat to vegetarian and vegan. Some people assume that vegetarian and vegan meals are automatically healthier than meat and dairy foods. However, that’s not always the case.

There are many plant based meals that are actually highly processed, calorie-laden or secretly harbouring vast quantities of sugar and sodium. Here is a list of vegetarian and vegan meals that aren’t as healthy as you think.

Veggie Burgers can actually have some Questionable Ingredients

If you are considering buying a veggie burger over a meat burger just because you think it’s a healthier diet, you might be mistaking. Most commercially produced veggie burgers are loaded with processed soy and preservatives, not to mention packed with sodium. The veggie meal you are getting is not fresh and 100% natural as there are chemicals that are added to make it last long in the storage. If you are too much curious about your health and low calorie, fibre and nutrient dense meal is what you are after, make a fresh veggie burger at home. Use fresh, simple plant-based ingredients to get yourself a healthy veggie burger. Moreover, it will save your money and time and will influence you to cook your meal at home.

Yogurt Parfaits are a Misleading Choice

Are you feeling hungry and are in desperate need of a snack? What are the possible things you would like to eat? You’re in line at your local coffee shop and thinking of what to buy, instead of grabbing a pastry, you went for granola-topped yogurt parfait. Do you think would this be a wise choice? The reason for selecting a granola-topped yogurt parfait would be that it is made of natural products like yogurt, fruits and honey, but it turns out that many yogurt parfaits can have as much sugar as a pastry. According to a research, yogurt parfaits at some places contain a whopping 22 grams of sugar and with all the sweet ingredients like fruits, honey and sweetened granola it can become a sugar bomb.

The Veggie Burrito could be Destroying your Diet

Quitting meat and skipping the fast food burger joint while switching to vegetable packed burrito, do you think that it is a healthy choice? While you have sacrificed so much for your health, started dieting, stopped eating meat and doing high intensity workouts, but the vegetable burrito can destroy all your effort. Vegetable burritos are loaded with things like guacamole, cheese, beans and sour cream that can quickly elevate the calorie count. There is no doubt that because of calories you should overlook the other essential nutrients, but it is also important to make sure that you are not consuming too much calories for your needs can lead to health problems.

Having Smoothies Post-Workout can be Adding a Ton of Calories

Do you have a habit of having smoothies after workout? It might be refreshing, but do you know that you might be eating back all the calories you have burnt? Making your smoothie at home with all-natural foods like fruits, peanut butter cashews, hemp seeds and many more are good for protein, but they are also calorie dense and can be high in sugar. According to a detrition, two spoons of peanut butter contains 180 calories, one large banana offers 121 calories and there are 360 calories in half cup of cashews. No matter the smoothie might be refreshing but you will consume back all the calories that are burnt after high intensity exercise.

These are some vegan and vegetarian meals that you should not consume as they are not as healthy as you think. Almost all the food items have natural ingredients, but still there is a risk of high calorie intake even with natural ingredients.


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