Everyone wants to live longer and enjoy their life. People today are too much curious about their fitness. Going to gym is now a daily schedule and is prior to other things. Why is that so? The reason can be that everyone would want to live a little longer than their age and could enjoy life even in their late age.

Well, if you think deeply then there are possibilities that by doing some things on regular basis, you can increase your life span. There are some habits that can actually make you live longer. We have identified some of the things you must do every day to live longer.   

Eating Right

Yes! of course, eating right food can increase your life span. If you are one of the gym freaks, you will agree with this point. Doing exercise is not enough to have a healthy life, it also depends on the food you eat. Eating less calorie food can increase your life and you might be surprised to know that broccoli, turmeric, hibiscus tea, mushrooms and strawberries are some of those foods that add years to life. Keeping your diet on need basis rather than taste, will increase your life. According to a study, people on plant-based diet live longer as they have less risk of cholesterol and obesity and hence they live longer than meat eaters. You should eat right to live long.

Getting Out of Your Seat

Do you know that 10 percent of all deaths are from being sedentary? Sitting is as lethal as smoking. If you have a desk job or you are lazy, you are reducing your years to live. To live longer you should be more active and try to keep your body moving. Go out for walking with your partner. If you don’t get time because of work, practice the exercise on Sundays. Nothing is more important than life and when you are getting a chance to increase your life years, you should avail it. Walk or move your body as much as you can and avoid sitting as your body accumulates the fat while you are sitting. Move your body to live longer.

Socialize Positively

Socialising is the best cure for depression. According to a study, there has been a drastic rise in the graph of people dying because of depression. There could be many reasons why people get depressed, from financial to emotional, there is a whole list of causes. However, rather than taking crucial steps that are breath taking, you should go for the actual cure which is socialising.

When talking about socializing, you should socialize positively. Harvard proved that the secret to not just a longer life, but a happier one as well was socializing or being in deep and meaningful relationships. You should nurture your relationships with family and friends and spend some time chatting to them. Talk to people and make new friends, someone will pull you out of the pool of depression and will help you live longer.

Quit All Types of Smoking

Do you smoke? Are you serious about longer life? How can you live longer when you are wasting a breath with every puff of a cigarette?  In most countries people consider it bad manners to smoke as there are such bad effects of getting used to it. It’s no less than a suicide. Teenagers these days find smoking very heroic stuff, but they will realise it soon that how destructive it is and what are the destructions caused by them to their organs. You must have seen in movies, they feature a no smoking ad in between because according to reports these dangerous things are being consumed in huge numbers. If you want to live longer, you should quit smoking and years to life.

Don’t Drink a Lot

If you are a habitual drinker, then reducing the amount consumed will help you increase your life span. Too much consumption of alcohol is dangerous for organs like kidney and liver. Save your life and stop drinking this suicidal juice if you want to live a healthy life.

These are some things you must do every day if you wish to live longer. Most of the things are habitual and quitting them suddenly can also be life taking, but you should try to reduce consuming and quitting it slowly and gradually.  


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