I was always confused about the meat offered by stores. To be honest I never liked the idea of buying frozen food. I am one of those curious who check out the packaging for the content before adding any product to the cart. Let’s say it loud. Yes! I am a fitness freak. Considering the recent events, I have kept my health at the topmost of my priority list and always searching for better alternatives to the food available at grocery shops and stores.

Going vegan is one of the best options for a healthier body, mind and soul, but what about all those meat lovers, who just can’t get rid of the habit of it? The struggle to find a reliable alternate was very real, but I made it through. While browsing the internet, I came across Crowdcow. The online store has given a new take to the meat industry and is currently preferred by most meat lovers, including me. You must be wondering how is Crowdcow different from other options? Don’t fret! I have curated a list of reasons that will help you understand the dynamics of the store and will surely motivate you towards making a better decision towards your diet.

Only Cater To Sustainable Farms

It is a fact that we do not know the meat available at grocery stores or marts. We don’t know what was that particular animal being fed. If this thought hasn’t struck you before, it might, then next time you go grocery shopping. It is important to know the basic history of the meat you are about to put in the oven. Seems impossible? You would be surprised that Crowdcow is one of the stores that only cater to farms that raise their animals humanely and sustainably. They source their products from farmers or producers who focus on sustainable practices so that the customers are satisfied with the quality and taste.


You might have heard in news or over the internet that many farmers inject their livestock with various drugs for various purposes. This ingestion of livestock products is one of the major causes of human illness. I am sure you wouldn’t want to get sick the next time you plan on eating meat. Crowdcow has considered this issue and managed to get to farmers or producers who are true to their work. After a thorough investigation of the producers, they offer their customers drug-free meat, which tastes much better than those available at other stores.

No Preservatives Are Used            

Many online meat sellers use preservatives to make their products last longer in the freezer. But adding chemicals has an adverse effect, which gets worse with time. These sellers are here only for business and they don’t care if your health deteriorates after consuming their product. Preservatives work as illusions, just to trick the buyers that the meat is fresh, but the case is the opposite. Crowdcow makes sure that all sorts of chemicals, salts and colourants are avoided at all costs. They believe in providing fresh produce to their customers, which makes them a reliable option to choose over others.

Diverse Options To Choose From

Crowdcow is a one-stop-shop for meat lovers. Their convenient website is easy to go through, even for the newbies. They have simplified it to the simplest fraction. We rarely get the luxury of buying products other than normal. But the store offers diverse options to choose from. Whether you crave Beef, Chicken or Pork, they have got us covered. Shopping for your favourite meat is very convenient at the webshop as everything is right under your fingertips.

If you are a meat lover like me, you will be able to relate to the points mentioned above. It is high time that people should start focusing on their diet and switch to better options. I recommend you all to try their products and notice the difference yourself.



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