People refuse to eat a particular food because they don’t like the taste and not because it contains unhealthy ingredients that can cause serious illness. Many people don’t actually care about healthy and despite of knowing the content of food, they keep eating. There are a lot of foods on store shelves that fit in the description and experts urge refusing to eat them because they know the reality of how the product is being made.

After consulting medical experts, we have successfully garnered a list of foods that are actually unhealthy and should be avoided while shopping grocery. These foods do look great with smart and attractive packaging, but there is a dark side to them, which can be harmful for you.

Non-dairy Coffee Creamers are Fake

As there are countless health benefits of coffee, using a non-dairy coffee creamer will ruin all those benefits in an instance and can cause serious issues. Today, people have a habit of consuming coffee more than 4 times a day, but each time you use a non-dairy creamer, you are affecting your health. According to health experts, non-dairy creamers contain hard to pronounce ingredients like inflammatory hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors that can damage your liver and other parts of the body.

It is better to drink your coffee black rather than adding fake creamers or if you really want to add cream, choose the organic options like unsweetened coconut milk without food additives. Though there will be a considerable price difference, but it is better than risking your life.

 Canned Tomatoes increases BPA

The problem here is with the tin cans as their resin linings contain bisphenol – A (BPA), which is a synthetic estrogen responsible for problems like heart diseases, diabetes, reproductive problems and obesity. Canned tomatoes may seem like a problem solver, but experts have an entire different story to tell about it. Most people don’t know about stuff like this and they keep on adding these items to their cart without realizing how harmful it can be.

Studies show that the amount of BPA exceeds the amount of sperm production in bodies, which creates a problem in reproduction. Experts also conclude that you can get 50 micrograms of BPA from a tomato can, which is enough to affect people, especially young generation. Instead of buying canned tomatoes, you should choose tomatoes in glass bottles and avoid the negative health effects of BPA.

Chicken Wings have high Fat content

To lead a healthy life, you have to control your intake. Eating food rich in fat content will cause calorie efficiency, which will lead to cardio problems. Chicken wings are the next food in line, which experts suggest you should never eat. A single piece of chicken wing contains 5g of fat and around 81 calories, but people don’t just eat one piece. If you are dining at a restaurant, mostly the platter has around 5 to 6 pieces of chicken wings that means it could easily lead to high amount of calorie intake.

It is a recipe of weight gain and can be responsible for clogging of arteries because of high calorie intake. Instead of eating fried chicken wings, you should try baked or grilled variants as they have lesser fat content because oil is not used in the making. Moreover, it is advised to choose organic over conventional chicken feed as there are no antibiotics.

Popcorn – Butter Flavored

Popcorns, especially butter flavored are enjoyed at movie nights or family picnics, but they are extremely unhealthy and responsible for disease like popcorn lung. According to experts, after investigating the production, it was found that companies use diacetyl for fake butter flavoring, which is a harmful chemical. It was further noted that not just consumers, but the factory workers suffered from popcorn lung disease because of the chemical.

Instead of relying on over readymade popcorns, people should make their own versions at home using original flavors and finest quality corns. Popcorns are easy to make and with the help of online tutorials, anyone can make it at home.

Trans Fats – Margarine

 Margarine is an extremely unhealthy food and is responsible for destroying your overall performance like decreasing brain function. Margarine and other Trans fats are the reason for increased risk of heart diseases as they lower the HDL cholesterol, increase the triglyceride levels and damage arteries. However, margarine is a part of daily life as people enjoy it with toast in breakfast, but it is extremely devastating for your health. Skip margarine and use better alternates like avocado oil, coconut oil and grass-fed butter in your food and stay healthy.  


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