Whether you are passionate about cooking or love experimenting in the kitchen or just rely on fast and easy meals, you do need to be fully aware of the kitchen tips that will make your life easier. Many people who have spent a long time cooking forget the basics and it’s no shame to getting back to basics as it will help you establish a solid base.

From chopping the veggies to having a perfectly cooked meat, here are some basic cooking tips by pros that you’d wish you knew earlier. Follow these amazing tips for a splendid time cooking meals for everyone while reducing your efforts and time consumption. Read ahead and enjoy your time cooking or experimenting with the best tips.

Sharpen your Cutting Skills

Whether you consider yourself an expert in cutting and chopping or a rookie, with pro tips you can sharpen your cutting skills. Chopping is not as easy as you think. You have to be careful while chopping the vegetables or meat because you wouldn’t like to chop off one of your fingers. However, you can make your chopping skills better while reducing accidents by following the pro tips. According to pros, you should keep your fingers tucked in on your non-dominant hand always.

While doing so use your upper knuckles to guide your knifes as you start cutting. This is the best way to keep your fingers safe while getting the perfect slices. If your fingers are tucked in, there’s no chance that you’ll cut them. Moreover, it is advised to avoid laying your forefinger over the spine of the knife. If you have already been in some accident while cutting, perhaps you are in a desperate need to polish your cutting skills, but with expert tips.

High heats are best for crispiness

Many people believe that searing steak or sauté vegetables on low heat will make them crispy, but that’s not the case. According to experts, if you want to have crispy browning veggies or steak, you need to turn up the heat. You need a smoking hot pan to achieve perfection otherwise your food won’t have that charm.

If the temperature is kept low, most foods will end up releasing liquid content, which will only ruin your dish. If you are passionate about cooking and want to hear appreciating remarks from people you serve, you must follow this incredible tip. Forget what you believed earlier and make the food with perfection by simply following the guidance from pros.

Know how to cut the meat to keep the flavor

Are you inviting friends over dinner and making a steak for them? To make your food flavorful and tender rather than chewy follow this amazing pro tip. After you are done with cooking, you should know the right way to slice the meat so that every slice is flavorful. According to experts, you should always slice the meat against the grain.

It means that you have to slice it in the direction that the muscle fibers are aligned rather than parallel with them. It is a technique not known to many and will actually make your meal tastier by maintaining the flavor. Remember to cut the slices right way and make your guests love your meal.

Here is the right way to cook rice

A lot of people have difficulties cooking rice, but it’s really no rocket science and with a few simple steps you can have the perfectly cooked rice. Here is the expert tip you need to follow while cooking rice. You have to start by bringing equal parts rice and cooking water to a boil. Keep the lid on and turn the heat to its lowest. Now, here is when the things get messy as most people stir the rice after lifting the lid and that is exactly what you don’t need to do.

You are lifting the lid to let the steam out, which lowers the temperature of the pot and stirring the rice that moment breaks the grains hence you get the mashed texture. After lifting the lid, let the rice cook a little more, give it a rest for 5 to 1o minutes and you are done.   



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