Imagine what would happen if you stuck with a flat tire, your cell phone has died out of battery and you even don’t have a jumper cable to ask help from any other vehicle. The situation is extremely stressful and potentially dangerous as well. But the scenario has become rare these days because of the coolest gadgets and technology due to which we are able to drive safe and secure.

We have explored the coolest and innovative gadgets that have been introduced this year. These ground breaking tools have improved the driving by accommodating your car with luxurious devices.

Ztylus Stinger

It is an old saying that whenever you are leaving the home, be prepared for any situation and emergency. This gadget is also designed for disaster or accidental circumstances like sinking in water, upside down due to accident etc. Ztylus Stinger has the ability to save you from being jammed as it has a window glass shattering tool and a blade to cut the seat belt strap. However the product is a must have in all cars to prevent you and it is available at much reasonable price of $22 only.

Scosche USB Charger

Our cell phones have become the oxygen for our survival and if its battery is dying, it feels like the whole life has been fixed at a moment. Thankfully Ultra-thin battery pack is now available at many online stores also like which offer very affordable prices i.e. less than $13. You can charge your mobile through the power supply of your car with the help of this charging pack and stay connected always.

Tile Mate

We all have wished once in a lifetime that everything must be like our cell phone that whenever we lose or forget something, just ring a call and find it easily. But the car keys are crucial to search as most of the time we are getting late. Don’t worry now! Tile Mate is the smartest device to track your keys through your mobile app in lower prices of $25. It consists of a tile like unit that has to be tucked into the keychain and the accompanying mobile app will track it through bluetooth technology.

Fobo Tire Plus

Skillful drivers regularly check the air pressure in the cars as they land in the car by having a close look at the tires. But this doesn’t ensure that the pressure won’t be lower down while driving and they don’t know the accurate kPa. Thanks to the Fobo Inc. for introducing Tire Plus unit which is based on a series of Bluetooth gauges that transfer the air pressure to your smartphone directly at very reasonable cost i.e. $195. It can monitor up to 19 tires simultaneously so that the lifespan of the rubbers of your wheels and the fuel efficiency can be improved due to properly inflated tires.

GPS Tracker

The parents who want to be aware of their teens activities and hangouts must track them by using the GPS Tracker which usually worth $49.95 at it is a simple device which is mounted on your car and its accommodating mobile app let you inform about the car location. It is also useful in crime detection, to prevent the car theft, and for the rider employees’ work tracing etc.

Handpresso Coffee Maker

For all the coffee lovers, it’s now easy to get a coffee even while you are tired of travelling. The Handpresso Coffee maker lets you to mount it in the car and by using the 12 volt USB port of your car; it can prepare you a delicious hot coffee cup that freshens our mind without any effort.

These cool gadgets are the ones which are gaining attention of most of the cars lovers, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the gadget world. More and more innovations are being introduced in the market and we’ll discuss it in our later blogs.


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