Are you one of those who crave to eat or drink manufactured food while working? When You feel tired, you want a nice cup of coffee to boost the energy with in you? Most people love to haver coffee while working, it is because of the realisation that coffee energises you. Caffeine and added sugar will certainly perk you up, but they can quickly lead to a surefire crash later.

While you are working for very long and feel that your life is doomed without a cup of caffeine and sugar, don’t worry as there is an abundance of healthy food that will raise your energy levels without the crash. Next time you crave for coffee or soda, skip them and recharge with these healthy and energising food.


The first food in the list is honey. There are a lot of reasons why honey has made this list. One being that honey is sweet in nature, so whenever you feel like having a candy that is full of sugar, ditch it and go for the honey. Honey you buy from the stores is in its natural form and it is one of those items where no addition is required. For sweet cravings, add honey to your grocery list.

 The viscous sweetener is low on the glycemic index and will give you sustained energy throughout the day without spiking your blood sugar levels. Honey is a very useful food product and can be used in various sweet dishes over sugar. If you don’t have honey at home, do include it in your grocery list the next time you go for shopping. Moreover, it is very cheap and is easily available at every store.


There was a very popular cartoon ‘Popeye’ in 90s, and in that cartoon, Popeye used to eat spinach to get energised. Spinach is the next most energising food that one must turn up to. This leafy green super food is high in iron which is key nutrient that helps transport oxygen throughout the body and is also fundamental for energy production in your cells. Furthermore, it is also an excellent source of energising nutrients like fibre, magnesium and folate. Eating spinach over other unhealthy foods will energise you enough to get going whole day. Spinach is not just good for adults, but you should make your kids eat it as it is really that strong. It won’t be very difficult to get spinach as it is quite cheap, and you’ll find it at any store. While purchasing spinach, make sure that its fresh so that you can consume the maximum amount of nutrients.


The next food in the list is Quinoa. It is actually a super food; thanks to the nutrients it contains that makes it to be called super. This small thing contains magnesium which is beneficial for naturally increasing energy levels. Other than magnesium, the food is rich in fibre, protein, folate, iron and calcium. The complex carb will keep you fuller longer and will energise you enough to be able to work without consuming a cup of sugar.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are very small, but are rich in energy boosting nutrients like fibre, omega 3-s, and protein. These power boosting seeds will keep your hunger at bay and will make you feel energetic. They are very rich in nutrients yet very inexpensive. Adding chia seeds to your grocery list won’t affect your monthly budget.


Want to eat something sweet? Would you like to have something that not just only sweeten your taste buds, but provides you with a lot of benefits? In that case, you must have blueberries. According to a research, blueberries are considered as powerhouse fruits as it is rich in nutrients including fibre, anti-oxidants and manganese which helps turn carbs and fats into energy. Not just that, they are also good for brain functions and mental focus.


Almonds are a great source of energy and can be a perk when you are fighting afternoon fatigue. They contain healthy monosaturated fats and B2 vitamins that can boot up your energy. Almonds are affordable and can be consumed at any time. You can keep them in your bag so that every time you get hungry, just take it out from the bag and start eating.  

Eating healthy foods that are stated above will help you energise all day. These products are natural and because of that you can imagine how rich they would be with nutrients and they are a lot better than high carb foods and sugar drinks.