Keeping your house clean is an ethical custom. It represents your personality and nature and is one of the ways people judge your organization skills. It is obvious that you wouldn’t like to have a messy house when some visitors visit you.

However, most people are so busy with their work life that they don’t even get a chance to clean homes on daily basis. Sunday is the only day off in the schedule and there are a lot of things to do in those 24 hours. From washing dishes to doing laundry, Sunday cleanings get very hectic.

Do you know that with so much to do in a very little time, you are messing things up and making your house dirtier? If that’s what happens with you while cleaning your house, you should avoid making these common cleaning mistakes and follow the fixes instead.

Mistake #1: Using Same Rag

Health issues have been increasing day by day. Despite of trying to keep hygiene on the top of the priority list, you get attacked by germs. Your first cleaning mistake is one of the reasons why people today get sick frequently. Using the same rag around the house is a mistake most people make while cleaning their home.  Despite spritzing it with a cleaning solution, when you use the same rag in multiple spots around the house it carries along germs of the previous spots to the parts of your house where you use the rag. That means bathroom germs get wiped onto kitchen counters and at places where the cloth is used.

Fixing Method

The best way to avoid the spreading of germs and keeping your house clean is to use a new wad of paper towel for each area of the house or use microfiber cloth as they can be washed after each use to remove gunk or grime.

Mistake #2: Feather Duster is not just Okay

You might have seen some attractive advertisements of feather dusters assuring you of getting a cleaner house. The trap and lock dust is the new game for improving sales. If you have ever used a feather cleaner, you might agree that feather dusters are notorious for spreading dust around a surface or pushing it off to fall to the ground rather than removing it.

Fixing Method

Using a microfiber cloth or a disposable paper towel with cleaning solutions depending on the surface you plan to use on. It is better than feather duster and you will have better results in cleaning and won’t make your house dirtier.  

Mistake #3: Not Cleaning the Vacuum

Using a vacuum cleaner that has not been cleaned for a while, won’t be able to pick up as much dirt and dust as it should because of the decreased suction. When there is no or very little space in the cleaner, it won’t be able to suck in extra dust or dirt and will rather throw it out or at times blow back the dust to the carpet and surroundings.

Fixing Method

Change the vacuum bags after they become full. Clean all the vacuum attachments, the hose and the vent with microfiber cloth. This way your vacuum cleaner will be able to suck in all the dust and dirt and your house will eventually be less dirty.

Mistake #4: keeping Kitchen Tools in the Drawer

Kitchen tools like garlic press, zester or cheese grater are very helpful while cooking. These tools surely save a lot of time and are more productive. These tools have small nooks and crannies that a dishwasher isn’t always able to detect.  Keeping them in the drawer in that state is not good for health as the food can become moldy and get into food next time it is used.

Fixing method

Ditch the dishwasher and use your hands instead to clean these kitchen tools. Using hot water along with the dish soap will be helpful in getting rid of the food. Focus more on corners and small holes as these are the places that are home to nooks and crannies and aren’t paid attention while cleaning.

These are some cleaning mistakes that people make, which makes your house dirtier. You should learn these mistakes and try not to repeat them while cleaning your home next time.                  


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