People didn’t know the importance of house upgrades until today. According to studies, it was found that changing the atmosphere in your house can help you live healthier life. However, this does not mean that you plan a massive upgrade to your home and end up spending your savings on such expenses. Changing your furniture or placing new flooring, can cost huge and to live a better life, you don’t need to break the bank.

You can make the atmosphere healthy by deep cleaning your space, moving furniture and by adding new décor. These things are really impactful and you don’t need to break the bank to get your hands on cute décor as we have garnered a list of décor that are cheap, but cute and you’ll love to have them at your place this summer.

Mkono Macrame Plant Hangers Set

If you are passionate about gardening, then you will love to have the Mkono Macrame Plant Hangers Set as a part of your décor. The product is inspired by the vintage macramé plant hanger with modern touch to give your space lively appearance. The product has various designs and each one is capable to bring that boho chic vibe to your home. They are designed with 100% cotton rope, are durable and eco-friendly.

You can hang them from the ceiling or against a wall and show your love for the plants. The Mkono Macrame Plant Hangers Set is highly affordable as it costs around $23 and can be bought easily through online retailers. This cute yet inexpensive product will definitely bring about changes to the atmosphere of your house this summer.

Brittany Firefly Concrete Table Lamp

Table lamps are now used as home decors more than their actual usage. If you are looking for a table lamp with unique features, we have just the best option for you. The Brittany Firefly Concrete Table Lamp is a modern table lamp, which is comparatively a unique find. The base of the lamp is made of concrete with glass on top filled with firefly lights.

The lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about over consumption of electricity. This amazing product will be a great addition to your home decor as lightning it up will give you the magical vibes and add glow to your space. This summer get your hands on this cute and inexpensive product and add spark to your space.

Georgina Floral removable wallpaper

To bring about a change to your space, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can either buy new décor or go for affordable changes like painting one of the walls of your room to your space; you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Our next pick is the Georgina Floral removable wallpaper, which is yet again an affordable change everyone can make this summer.

The floral print on the removable wallpaper will give you perfect summer vibes and will create a huge impact to your surroundings. It is made of high quality paper that can be cut into panels and pasted on one wall or all over the room. It costs around $49 and can be purchased easily online. There are various prints available; you can select the best according to you.

Nuloom Vintage Persian Verona Area Rug

The Nuloom Vintage Persian Verona Area Rug surely has a traditional design, but is worth spending your money on. It is the best product to add to your décor when you are very tight on budget. The rug is not just alluring, but will brighten up your space instantly. However, you should know where to place this cute rug as many people fail to place it at the right spot. The product costs around $38 with a lot of prints, designs, styles and sizes available online.

50 LED Photo Clip String Lights

The LED Photo Clip String Lights is one of the products that people will love to own. The photo clip string lights have unique design. The product includes photo clips with each clip having an LED fitted in. you can use the string lights to reignite some memories by hanging photos to the string light. With each light emitting warm white light, the moment will be so magical. Moreover, you can also use it to decorate your space on special occasions like anniversary, birthdays and Christmas. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about electricity consumption as these lights are powered by batteries.


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