Winter is definitely a great season, but many people don’t like the harsh weather conditions and try to escape to a place where the temperature is moderate. Some people feel trapped when the holidays begin and in case if there is a hail storm, they are imprisoned in their houses because everything is packed with snow and there is no room for getting out of the house.

If you are planning to ditch winter this year and lusting after warmer climate, you have landed at the correct place. Countries experience different climates over the year. There are places where the climate is hot when you are experiencing colder climate. We have summed up a list of beaches from all over the world where you should head to when escaping cold climate.

The Ras Al Khaimah Beach, United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is the best example we can give today that has used technology efficiently. Nobody would have thought that science can turn a desert into a high tech city. From advanced technology to heritage sites, United Arab Emirates is a perfect blend of both the worlds. Well, that’s not all what attract tourists to this beautiful place, people living in a region of cold climate are also attracted by the temperature of Middle East. Although the climate changes of U.A.E and U.S.A are similar, but the temperature plays an important factor.

When escaping winter chilling, U.A.E is an amazing place to feel comfortable. U.A.E holds possession of various bays, you will find all the luxuries at each bay but there is a difference in the environment. Most beaches of U.A.E are very glitzy and if you are looking for a place to relax and soak the sun, Ras AL Khaimah beach is where you should head to. The climate is cooler than the other emirates and you will love to be at the beach.

Beaches of the Mexican Territory

Mexico has beach friendly temperature the whole year. If you don’t want to travel very far from your homeland, the best and closest stop is Mexico. Mexico is a popular destination with a lot bays ranging along the coast. Most beaches of the Mexican territory are mostly crowded, but after doing some digging, we got to know that you can avoid crowd in the small coastal town of Mazunte. There are three sandy beaches that are great spots to enjoy your winter break. Moreover, there are some fun activities at the Mexican beach as well, if you want to be active, do visit the national turtle research center.

Ningaloo Reef in the Western part of Australia

The Australian climate is totally opposite to the American, when you experience cold climate, the Australian territories experience hot climate. This is the reason why Australia can be a great place to ditch winter. Many travelers grace the eastern shores of Australia leaving very few visitors on the western shoreline.  Ningaloo Reef is on the western coastal belt of Australia and is an amazing spot to have fun diving and snorkeling on the shoreline. You’ll enjoy your stay in the luxurious campsite and watch turtle hatchlings start their new journey going deep down the ocean.

Arugam Bay Beach in Sri Lanka

Indian Ocean has something that attracts people especially from cooler climate towards itself. Although beaches of most countries linking to Indian Ocean aren’t safe or are under developed, but the arugam bay beach in Sri Lanka is a one of the great places to spend your winter holidays. First of all the place is comparatively cheaper with some exotic locations and excellent beach front restaurants that will make your stay in the country memorable.

Vaadhoo Island in Maldives deserves a visit

  Maldives is the best spot if you want to spend your vacations at the beach. Newly married couples love to spend time together on the island because it holds onto things that anyone could have ever imagined. The island is famous for its white sand and blue waters, which are visible during the day, but the beaches take on a different look when the sun sets.   

Although you are traveling because of the climate, but wouldn’t it be great if you get to see some magical stuff? The Vaadhoo Island in Maldives turns into something magical after the sun sets. The bioluminescent planktons put up an amazing show at night and the waves glow bright blue as they crash onto the shore, which is very mesmerizing.

Escape winter season and visit these beaches to have delightful experience while enjoying the climate you prefer.


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