Technology has provoked its roots deep inside our societies and living styles. Now everyone feels incomplete without a stylish and latest cell phone and an intelligent pendant on the body. When a women dreams of a luxurious living the first thing that slips in her mind is the hi-tech equipped home and fashion products. That’s why companies are introducing typical feminine smart devices that are according to the women’s interests and desires.

For the ladies who love gadgets and used to keep an eye of the cutting edge of the latest technology, there are some great innovations this year which are mentioned below.

The Garmin fēnix

A girl can’t go out without a stylish watch that matches with her attire. The Garmin fēnix is a perfect smart watch for the young sports girls as it tracks the activity and performance of the athletes by monitoring the heart rate. It has incorporated wrist sensors and metric plus navigation system due to which it can help you during cycling, hiking, climbing or swimming. If unfortunately your sport is not listed in it, you can add it by yourself to be fit and healthy.

Eat Smart Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale

Most of the ladies don’t know the accurate reason of their curvy figure and usually they don’t bother to concern a doctor, or a dietitian to ask for it. But thankfully, Eat Smart Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale is now available at that can reveal various facts of their increased fats. It calculates the body fat, water, muscle mass, and bone mass by the use of incorporated Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis. You can ask for the parameters at any moment and the information will be on your fingertips.

Flash & Go Express Hair Removal Device

It’s so frustrating when you have to waste a lot of time in removing unwanted hairs before going anywhere. We usually use razors, shaving creams, waxing and other means but end up in irritating and itchy skin. Now, Silk’n Flash & Go Express Hair Removal Device allows you to take off your hair of any type without experiencing irritation or rashes and a dream of a smooth skin comes true.

Mighty Purse Quilted Wallet Bag

Is your phone battery always dying and you have to suffer when you are out of home? Don’t worry! Mighty Purse Quilted Wallet Bag can charge your smartphone as it is equipped with 4000mAh battery and accompanying charging cords. The most eye catching feature is its design that you hardly guess that the elegant quilted hand bag in classy black and gold color can be a smart bag too.


Now you don’t need to compromise the fashion style while exercising and also you don’t have to consult a doctor for regular checkup. Ringly is the smart ring which can monitor and display the steps taken, distance travelled and the burned calories while jogging. You can even pair it with your smartphone through bluetooth connection so that you can receive notification vibration of the phone. This water resistant ornament aims to maintain your fitness and health in fashionable way.

Plug Life

What to do when you have to apply makeup but the lights out there are too dim? You can’t afford to be a witch due to the horrible makeup, so you need to have Plug Life that incorporates the smartphones and a makeup mirror. The LED lights in the device are enough to illuminate our face while doing makeup. The gadget is compatible with iPhone and iPad with adjustable brightness.

Face FX Anti-Aging Device

The feeling of looking young and a fresher skin after a skin rejuvenation treatment is unmatchable. But you have to spend a valuable amount on the treatment every time. The solution is now available in the market in the form of Silk’n Face FX Anti-Aging Device. It is based on the principle of photo-rejuvenation to treat the skin problems like dark circles, wrinkles, opened pores and crow’s feet. This tool is pain free and non-invasive that gives you bright and youthful skin just after using it for eight weeks.

How do you find these gadgets? They all are amazing and effortless and may more are being introduced in the market to give you style and elegance.


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