A messy kitchen is always an anguish feeling for every woman. No matter you are working in it or you are the one who just observes while sitting by the counter, an untidy scullery frustrates all. This might be because of your smaller kitchen and you are unable to keep all the kitchen essentials at the proper places which usually results in a disordered kitchen while you are cooking. So, you need to make the most of your storage spaces by managing and arranging your kitchen utensils and nitty-gritties.

Flat Utensils

You might have noticed that there are some cabinets that are big enough for the flat utensils like frying pans, baking pans or cutting boards etc. So you usually pile them in upward direction. But the problem comes when you urgently need the one residing at the bottom and you rush to it by misaligning the others. To avoid this, divide your cupboard in smaller and flat shelves just by adding wooden boards at some distances. Smaller and flat shelves ease you to grasp the one you need without disturbing the others.

You can either make the horizontal or vertical divisions. Usually horizontals are best for the pans, boards or glass platters while vertical ones are ideal for plates, trays, etc.


The major problem which every woman faces is: How to keep the spices and handy ingredients fresh for a longer time period. They are used again and again. A spice placed at the back is usually hidden behind the front line due to which all the spices become jumbled. You need to follow the styles below.

  • First of all convert all the spices into the symmetrical or same jars.
  • Label them all with the name of the spice at the top side of the jar cap.
  • Place the labeled jars in shallow drawer in which they are handy and easy to pick due to the labels at the cap of the jar.


The size and shape of every spoon is different and you have to manage a great variety of spoons like tea spoons, table spoons, soup spoons, ice cream spoons, cooking wares, pot spoons etc. To tackle with all of them here are some tips.

  • Notice that how many types of spoons you have according to their size.
  • Now select a drawer of maximum depth, and if it’s not available then look around for a cabinet whose height matches the size of your longest spoon.
  • Take a number of open-mouthed jars or containers equal to the types you noticed before.
  • Arrange these containers in your selected shelf/drawer and keep the spoons of same size in a same vessel.
  • Your all spoons are now handy and easily manageable.

Plastic Storage

We all suffered through the problem of missing lids of the storage cases. No matter how often you purchase them but at the time of need you have to search a lot for the container cover of your desired size. The solution of this issue is very simple if you convert your shelf through these hacks.

  • Replace all your boxes by the same shape of different sizes. We would suggest you to buy square shaped vessels as they occupy lesser space and have larger capacity.
  • Next, pick a drawer and draw a rough sketch of its division according to the size of the storage chests. Make sure that you sketch out for the containers and lids separately.
  • To divide the drawer in different sections, you can simply use a cardboard or any other available hard material like wood ply, ceramic etc.
  • Once you finish with the sections, place the vessels of the same size in the same segment in the form of stacks.


Professional Chefs must know the usage of the pots of different sizes and the importance of their tidiness. So keep them arranged and easy to handle by using pull out shelves in the cabinets. Place the pots and lids separately. You can also hang the lids by the inner side of the cabinet door in order to save the lid and space.


Another great benefit of pull out racks and cabinets can be seen in pantry storage. Pull out shelves allow the user to access the desired item directly without disturbing the other items. Place same variety of products at the same racks like sanitary items and extra spices should be placed in isolated segments.

We know that design and space of every kitchen is distinct so you might feel that all of these hacks are of no use but these are some simple tricks that are applicable to most of the cabooses.


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