Beautifying yourself is not a bad thing to do for sure! Have a makeup bag clean and keep things which are basics. To keep your make-up products aliened and tidy you should keep them properly. Makeup is yet essential part of your daily routine, so keep this in your mind to keep some very important make-up products inside your bag so that you can use them anytime anywhere.

Trends comes and changes rapidly and confuse everything, you need your staples pinned. These products are the unembellished basics for a polished look, leading you the perfect canvas to play with color pops. And also to give you a perfect flawless appearance.  Here are 12 must-have products that should be present inside your bag every time.


This little liquid tube is what so many of us skip, yet if we took time to smooth it on, our makeup would stay for a longer period of time. And who does not what their face base to clasp on for that extra mile? Especially as this magical gel cream impart skin benefits too. There are many good primers which are available nowadays, which comes as lightweight gel to create a spotless, pore less canvas.

Base Foundation

A very important yet useful thing to share with all the makeup lovers and beginners who are still struggling to learn how to apply makeup. Makeup base is must, so choose one for you according to your color shade. Never go for a color tone that will look too bright on your face but instead select a base foundation color one tone darker from you original color shade. While you want high, flawless coverage foundation you can also use a good branded BB cream for daily use. It is subtler and lightly veils your pores.

Under-eye concealer

Concealing all the blemishes and dark spots away is a basic yet useful attempt to do. Especially under the eyes to reduce that puffiness and dark circles that fades your whole appearance. This, luminous pigment that brightens up your skin, and gives you a glowing appealing appearance for any occasion.  Choose a concealer shade one tone lighter than your original color tone to give that seamless, cleaned and elegant effect.  So buy the correct one and flaunt the perfect you.

Tinted Lip Balm

Lips are the most sensitive and most visible feature on your face.. Don`t we have all have one or more than these lip balms floating around in each handbag?  We all have dry lips issues somehow, so you need to be armed with a good balm.  To moisturize those dry lips this is something you need every now and then. Choose any good tinted lip balm product and some are now available in a host of shades.

Brow Gel

Some women do not like to apply brow powders but brow gels are something what you need to have. This taming gel is very essential to get that clear brows look instantly and it also makes them to look more done. It clear outs every unruly stands and lift your face. To achieve that complete and settle look for all-day use a good brow gel and attain a well-groomed look.


Do we even need to say that? Yes of course mascara is a must have for everyone one of us. It stacks up high as a dessert completes our night meal time. Use a mascara to give that extra length, curl and volume to your eye lashes every day. Sometimes applying just mascara is enough for a glorious makeup appearance. It also coats them giving them a glossy black.

Get these makeup items and keep shinning all day long.  


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