Babies are gift from god, and every parent try to give theirbundle of joy the life they ever dreamt of. They put no stone unturned to keep everything simply awesome. From clothes to room décor to other essential stuff, parents try to fulfill all responsibilities perfectly. But, unfortunately, when dealing with tight budget they might find it difficult to manage everything up-to-the-mark. However, if they plan things smartly, they will end up designing an exceptional nursery for the new born.

Stay relax while preparing a great nursery as it won’t cost you fortune, you will only need to follow some pro tips that will delight your soul!

Essential Furniture

The first thing you need to do while creating a baby nursery is to decide the essential furniture. A cot is the essential furniture for a baby, it is not just a bed, and it’s a protection for the kids too. In case the baby doesn’t fall down while sleeping, a cot has fences to not let that happen. The next essential furniture that you need in your baby`s room is a feeding chair and some storage furniture. It is easy to feed a baby on a feeding chair and you do need a storage item to keep baby`s clothes and accessories. The first place to look for these items is amongst friends. If you know someone who has these things and are not in use and can lend you or sell at a lower price go for it. If not then you can find them second hand.

Themes and Decorations

The next thing that you can do to make your baby`s room look appreciable is decorating it with a selected theme. Decorate the walls with wallpapers related that have cartoon prints if you could afford otherwise just using toys and pictures would also give a good impact. However you can color the wall with a basic color of boys and girls. If it’s a boy than blue color is perfect and girls love pink in their room, so pink will be perfect for girls. More over the furniture in the nursery can be placed with the combination. Pictures of animals and cartoon characters and dolls in the room will be good.


Besides a good second hand chest of drawers for clothes, canvas storage boxes, wicker baskets or fabric storage baskets are inexpensive storage solutions that can add decorative character to your nursery. You should keep an eye on second hand ones, which can be used to keep nappies and toys. More over a small bookshelf is also a nice touch to the nursery as you would need it to store story books of your baby and as the baby grows there would be addition of books which will cover the empty shelf. Think ahead when it comes to storage. The large storage cubes, floating book rails and wardrobes that are now common are nice but often not practical for your baby grows older they would like to face complications. They would like to reach for their things. Kid friendly storage is not only cost effective; it gives them the independence they crave and need.

Personal Touches

Doing things for your baby is not going to stress you out. Most people use phones at night thinking that you get good sleep while using phone but there are those who think that it is more of a hindrance to good sleep rather than help. Most babies are fond of it as they get a hold to it early. It has melodies and light that fascinate them. A homemade baby mobile will be just as interesting to a baby as anything you could buy and it will be more personal as well as a lot less expensive. Similarly you can make different things for your baby like a quilt if you know how to make one, but it will be less expensive than buying one plus you can check everything from the cloth to the design, everything will be according to you. It will look cute.

Make these days special for your baby and memorable for yourself by planning it smartly. These tips will surely help you to give your baby what it deserves without hitting a major part of your wallet.



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