The fashion industry has been developing since its birth. As a result, we get to see advancements every day and the ability of enthusiasts to adapt to them as well. Today, fashion is not just the dress, but the term is more diverse with accessories that help a person get a complete outfit. You might have heard that even the most minor things can create a huge impact. Similarly, a pair of earrings or sunglasses can help complement the overall looks of a person. 

Even the fashion designers introduce collections of embellishments as they know that people love to pair them up with their dresses. The creativity these designers put in is commendable, but their products are out of reach to most people. However, many stores offer you the same quality, but at a better price. For example, Blender’s Eyewear is an online store that provides glasses for men and women at an affordable price. They have a wide variety to offer, but we have curated a list of our best picks from the store. 

Black Tundra

If you are a fan of the black shade, this particular piece would be pf your interest. It is one of the best-selling glasses with appreciation because of its unique features and quality production. It’s a piece available under the men’s category and costs around $31. If you are awed by the design and colour of the glasses, you won’t resist clicking the add to cart button after reading its excellent features. Featuring a black exterior and tortoise interior, it has medium-size that fits best on all types of faces. The polarized lens acts as a cushion, providing ample sunlight so that you don’t get blind. In addition, it has a UV protection layer, which reflects the harmful rays and prevents them from damaging your eyes. 

Sugar Mac

If you are looking for a decent pair of sunglasses, we suggest you give Sugar Mac a try. It is a unisex sunglasses and can pull off your casual looks. Its glossy crystal blue and peach frame compliments all sorts of complexion. It features a polarized champagne mirrored lense, which adds luxury to the piece and the UV protection layer keeps the harmful rays at bay. It comes for $38, and with all that features, it seems like a fair bargain. 

Pacific Grace

Pacific Grace is one of the most vouched for glasses at the store. The product has an overwhelming number of reviews and high ratings, which indicates that it’s an all-time favourite. It features a crystal blue frame with a touch of glossy grey with a polarized pink mirrored lense. It’s a sexy piece, which helps in putting a solid and immediate impression. You can pair them up with any outfit and pull off your casual looks without making much effort. Available for $25, you should grab one now.

Heart Rush

Want to try something fancy? We have just the option for you. Heart Rush features a rubberized matte crystal peach frame with a touch of black tortoise. It has sprung hinges, which adds durability to the product, thus making it more flexible on each end and helping in adjusting to the face. In addition, the polarised lens has a champagne mirror effect, which adds to the lifestyle vibes. The shades are available for $25, and it’s worth getting to pull up your fashion game.  

Ice Palace | RX

Are you looking for new prescription glasses? Want to add a sweet touch to your style statement? Don’t worry! Blender’s Eyewear has got you covered. The Ice Palace RX is one of the best they have to offer under the prescription glasses category. With their customization service, you can build The Ice Palace glasses according to your statement. In addition, you can choose between multiple colours and upgrade your lens by adding blue light protection or polarization. 

Glasses are essential these days. Some can’t survive without them while others use them to fulfil their fashion needs. Blenders Eyewear has the quality and endless variety of shades to satisfy every shopper by giving them what they are looking for.



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