Everyone dreams of living more when reaching the retirement age. Most people have goals to pursue, which they might have made while they were young. These goals can be unachievable for people once they turn fifty as most people don’t consider themselves fit to live their dreams. There is a drastic change in health as your body starts to age. Pain in joints and bones are common problems faced by people who are in their fifties today, plus a lot of new diseases have been heard of that worsen the case.

However, if your ambition and will is strong, you can be healthy, active and enjoy life even in old age. While you are open to most diseases such as strokes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension and dementia in your later life, but with a little effort you can make life easy. Older adults who are physically active have low rates of mortality from these diseases and it is recommended by the world health organization that adults aged 65 or over should exercise 150 hours per week for making their life easier. Here are some essential exercises that you should do when reaching old age to live healthy and active life and pursue your goals hassle free.

Yoga impacts your Overall Performance

Reaching late adulthood makes life difficult with all the joints and bones willing to give up. If you really want to live a healthy life in later years, going for yoga will be beneficial. Yoga is an all-around great exercise. It is low impact and can be done by people at all skill levels. You should do yoga on daily basis as it will increase flexibility, strength and balance. The exercise is good for your joints but is still weight bearing, which is a guard against osteoporosis. Experimenting something on your own won’t be beneficial, you can perform under expert’s guidance by visiting yoga studios, gyms, and community centers that offer best services at a cheaper cost.      

Walking should be a Habit

When talking about walking, it is an exercise that people should do at every age. You should make it a habit as it has various advantages that can help you in later years. Most people are so busy today that they don’t get to walk. Even for short distances, people today prefer driving over walking. The exercise is quiet simple and everybody knows how to do it, and requires no special equipment except shoes. Walking briskly for around 30 minutes a day has innumerable benefits, such as maintain muscle mass, joint support, increasing mental sharpness and stopping the loss of bone mass.  It will keep your heart healthy and convincing a friend or a group of friends will make the activity more fun.

Involve Tai Chi in your Routine

Ever wondered how Chinese have longer life than other people living all over the world? It’s because of their ambition to keep themselves fit. The ratio of people living more than 100 years is very high in China and if you wish to live a healthy life in later years, you should add Tai Chi to your exercise list. Tai Chi is a slow moving, very low impact martial art from China and is de cleared safe for people of all ages. The martial art works on your balancing and strength and reduces the risk of falling and can cut the incidence of injury from falls by half. You can follow tutorials available on the internet that is helpful for all ages.  

Core Training for Holding up the Spine

Core training is a healthy exercise for your spine, coordination and stability while you are in your fifties. Spine is an important part of the body as it connects your nerves to the brain. In later years people have issues with their spine which clearly affects the nervous system. You should go for core trainings, there are plenty of exercises in the core training that are easier than ab crunches, which is a bad idea as core training.  

Swimming is Great for your Health

Swimming is a sport but to many people it is a great way to keep their body fit. It has impact on various parts of the body, both internal and external. Some fitness trainers ask people to swim as it helps with crunches and cuts on your body. It is aerobic, so it contributes to heart health, and having water buoy body weight makes for less stress on joints than other cardiovascular workouts. It is a great exercise for people of all ages and should be practiced for a healthy body.

These are some exercises that people should follow when reaching old age. If you want to live longer, they will help you do that by reducing risks of diseases that are responsible for shortening your life.  



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