If you are a guy who is deeply indulged into your business and don’t have time to stay in fashion, then you must have experienced wardrobe issues for non-professional evening gatherings and parties. It’s because you have been focusing on your formal wears for your workplace and ignoring the tees, jeans, and any unplanned trip to your favorite place. You even don’t have specific flirty dress-code to enjoy your date. Now you need to look back at your wardrobe and upgrade it with casual outfits.

Denim Jeans

Yes! It’s the first thing that you must shop so that whenever you are going to hang out with friends or leaving for a bar, just put it on and enjoy the free-to-go feeling. You can shop them in dark blue or black color as these are versatile hues that can be combined with every type of outfit.

White T-Shirt

The grace and beauty of white color is truly unbeatable and when it is worn by a handsome guy it’s enough to mesmerize the surrounding ladies. No matter how hectic or tough your day was, but it gives an instant fresh and amazing look when you throw it on the evening party.

Half Sleeved Button Down Shirt

This one acts as a bridge between the formal and casual wears as it comes as semi-formal outfit. It is a perfect addition to your wardrobe when you have to go out on a date right after your working hours and you don’t have enough time to go home and change. Just put it on by teaming it with a pair of skinny chinos and a standard belt and propose your girlfriend with full confidence and attitude.

Crewneck Jumper

It is the most versatile element of your wardrobe. You don’t need to worry if your jumpers aren’t in good condition. Especially if you shop a navy blue crew neck, then you can wear it so often and in a variety of combinations. Imagine the fun when you wear it as a single piece in summers and with layers in winters.

Denim Jacket

Have you ever experienced the pretty gals looking and staring at you back and again? if yes then you must know the glee and inner joy of the scenario. If you want to enjoy this again, just wear a denim jacket with a pair of jeans and a simple tee underlining. It’ll give you the most charming and mesmerizing look like never before.

Bomber Jackets

Handsome guys love the outer layer look of bomber jackets when they are leaving home in winter evenings. You must invest in simple cut of dark shades like navy blue, army green or black color.

Blue Suit

You may have some elegant and classic suits that you usually wear at your formal meetings. But you must have a single breasted, petrol blue suit that compliments with your personality when you are going to attend wedding or evening gatherings.

Brown Ankle Boots

You must be working in your formal black dress shoes of plain or cap toes, but they are not suitable for all times. An easy to wear Chelsea boots is essential element for all around the year. Especially the ones in brown color give you smarter and understated look. But don’t forget to avoid the Chelsea with no laces.


What’s more handsome than a guy wearing classic denim with simple sneakers? A well-designed pair of simple sneakers in white, blue or grey color is crucial for your killing handsome attire. You can wear it while going out for a movie, shopping, gaming or gym. The fun part is that the more they are bashed up, the more they look classy.

We hope that you have got the idea about what to shop for your evening hangouts and parties that will make you outstanding among all.


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